Our mission

Throughout its business, Cijevna Komerc has remained true to its original idea and mission: to provide its customers with a complete quality construction product and to leave a quality construction and architectural trace on the Montenegrin urbanization map for generations to come. Achieving these goals, we changed technology, projects and rhythm, but our core values ​​remained the same:

Commitment to customers

Cijevna Komerc is primarily here for you, its customers. Every person employed in our company is aware of this. We do not build to fulfill our professional ambitions, but to make your wishes come true.

Quality above all

Your homes, businesses or hotels are places where you live, work or relax. It is our responsibility to make this space functional, visually appealing but above all quality and safe. Pipe Commerce respects your visions, but we believe that quality materials, quality installation and engineering are of paramount importance.

Smart planning

We believe that quality planning is the key to diligent work. Respecting deadlines allows us to do good and conscientious business with partners, to communicate with each other in a quality manner and to optimally satisfy your needs, ideas and wishes on time.

Flexibility and innovation

Construction is one of the most dynamic industries of our time. We try to keep up with world trends, visit the most important construction fairs, maintain contacts with foreign partners, remain open to change and flexible enough to adapt our knowledge to your needs.

The organization of the company

Cijevna Komerc appreciates that human resources are the key to success in any business. We try not only to recruit the best and most competent people, but also to offer them appropriate positions where they will realize their full capacities. We work as a team, but we make sure that everyone specializes in a precisely defined area. From mixing concrete to making the most important company decisions, everyone has their place, their goals and competencies.

Our project managers are highly profiled, experienced workers who know all phases of construction work, correspond and maintain long-term relationships with our partners and clients. They are the people you will turn to when you need information related to any phase of the construction of the required facility. They are the people who will guide you, who will answer your doubts and dilemmas, people who will connect you with the experts in charge of the field you are interested in.

Our administration

is a significant support to our overall business. Without our lawyers and accountants, Cijevna Komerc would not be able to function as quickly and easily as it does. Our administration helps to ensure that the relationships between project managers, clients, architects and builders are correct and that the bureaucratic component of our work is almost imperceptible.


are directly responsible for supervising, coordinating and controlling work on construction sites. They also monitor the quality and safety of materials, ensuring that the constructed facilities meet the required specifications, legislation and standards.


Cijevna Komerc constantly employs 150 workers, of all profiles, which allows us to successfully, professionally, with quality and on time to perform all tasks within its activities and the network of subcontractors has up to 1000 members.

Our latest projects

Cijevna Komerc strives to provide the most complete service to its clients. We try to integrate all aspects of the construction work as well as possible in order to better coordinate the numerous necessary tasks and provide you with the required project on time and with quality.