A word from the director

Since its establishment in 1991., Cijevna Komerc DOO has built a reputation as a responsible, strong and innovative construction company. We started with the production, transport and sale of washed sown gravel and ready-mixed concrete, and when we achieved market dominance in the production phase, we entered the construction industry and managed to take the leading position on the construction map of Montenegro.

The key to our success has always been meticulous responsibility, accuracy and the ability to adequately meet the diverse needs of our growing customer base. Reacting quickly to changes in the market, closely following world trends and bravely accepting new challenges, we managed to put our strong stamp on the new face of Podgorica. We are proud of that.

Cijevna Komerc is not just aimed at its customers. We are very proud of our employees and we do everything we can to make them more caring, happy and motivated, because the quality of our service depends on the quality and commitment of our employees. We constantly employ 150 workers and our network of subcontractors has up to 1000 members. Cijevna Komerc will continue to recruit smart, strong and hard-working people who are proud to be part of a healthy and strong team that is building Montenegro. In addition, we continue to provide scholarships to the best students and sponsor cultural, artistic and sports activities in our country.

With a rich tradition of quality, the latest technologies and a united team, we continue to build for the future.


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Projects & Services

Cijevna Komerc strives to provide the most complete service to its clients. We are trying to better integrate all aspects of the construction work in order to better coordinate the numerous necessary tasks and provide you with the required project on time and with quality.

We employ and work with the best architects, engineers, interior designers and investors to make our service as inclusive and complete as possible and to plan better, complete projects as quickly as possible, and allow you to enjoy stress-free while waiting for the final product.

Separation and production of concrete

Production, transport and sale of washed, sown and crushed aggregate and production, transport and sale of ready-mixed concrete are the original activities of our company. For the needs of primary exploitation, our company relies on the regional unit “Zeta”.


Construction and reconstruction of production, infrastructure, service, sports, school and other facilities is currently the most profitable activity of Cijevna Komerc DOO Given the significant expansion of production capacity and significant increase in productivity, in recent years we are able to achieve great results in this area. recommended for further engagement.

Sale of residential & commercial premises

Cijevna Komerc used its many years of experience in the real estate market to profile itself as a leader in the construction and sale of residential and commercial premises and enable many to provide a suitable quality and comfortable home in Podgorica and on the coast of Montenegro.



What separates Cijevna Komerc from the competition on the market are the plants we use and the results we achieve with them. We are fully mechanized for all types of earth and concrete works, which allows us to perform all works without subcontractors and thus increase efficiency and reduce the cost of labor.


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